Facebook Folly


On Thursday Facebook changed the choices they offer users in displaying their gender.  Facebook has added over 50 new choices for users to depict their gender.  In doing so they have shown, quite clearly, how foolish they can be in their corporate behavior.  In fact, I would call their choice nothing more than pandering to the inanities .

Lets check the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary for the definition of gender:

1gen·der noun \ˈjen-dər\: the state of being male or female

A very simple definition for a very limited state of biological fact.  You are born either male or female, there are NO other choices.  Now, granted a person can change their gender, but there are still only two choices, even during the change period.  For Facebook to add – out of thin air – over 50 further choices of “gender” does nothing more than provide further confusion to society.

In America we are continuously beaten over the head about gender and sexuality “rights” for those who find themselves outside the basic understandings of their biological self.   Individuals have the choice to be sexually oriented as they prefer, but their gender is the physical biological state they were born to or changed to – again male or female.  This constant warping of the FACT of biology is not to “enlighten” society, but an opportunity to give those “confused” a false image of being “normal” so they can accept their own choices for who and what they are.  What comes next?  Are we going to be compelled to add such nonsensical categories to government documents too?

Now, the president of GLAAD had this to say about the change: “Once again, Facebook is on the forefront of ensuring that the platform is safe and accessible to all of its LGBT users,” GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis said. 

Can someone please explain to me how this makes the use of Facebook safer?  I am totally lost at finding the danger that existed prior to the change by Facebook.

This is just an idiotic attempt by Facebook to garner more users to their social networking world.  What a crock of horse manure!


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